DOCUBOY® is the perfect tool for seamless documentation and reporting of cured-in-place pipe lining jobs. Full range and independent of manufacturers! Many resin systems and liner types are already integrated or can be conveniently added. All relevant parameters are monitored by sensors during lining operations to record all phases such as calibration, inversion, heating and cure. The required resin usage amount is specified and verified by a weighing unit or automatically delivered by our resin mixing unit.
The integrated TESTBOY® module makes it possible to run leak-tightness tests also with air and water.
Our DOCUBOY® together with the calibrating roller SKW-600 and the resin mixing unit SHM-2 are an unbeatable team!




Full documentation and quality assurance for relining and pressure testing of lateral connection pipes


  • Robust case with integrated touch panel PC for full documentation as proof of quality of liner installation
  • Easy control and intuitive operation thanks to many options in comprehensive liner and resin lists together with self-learning pick lists; interlinked entries help avoid errors
  • Usage amount calculation for required resin mixture
  • Integrated master data acquisition for the structure to be rehabilitated; GPS localization (optional)
  • On-line recording of the following values with high-precision sensors:
       - Calibration:  Vacuum, height and speed
       - Inversion:     Pressure
       - Heating:     Flow and return temperatures
       - Weighing:     Recording of the amounts of resin and hardener
       - Curing:    Recording of temperature and pressure, data logger – data reconciliation through USB
  • Control and documentation of the Sklarz Resin Mixing Unit "SHM-2"
  • Recording and documentation of the sensors of the Sklarz Calibration Roller "SKW-600"
  • integrated "Testboy®" Pressure Test Module for pre-installation and post-installation testing, all test methods – air/vacuum/water – for pipes and manholes to current testing standards are available for selection (partly optional)
  • Output of all recorded data as clearly structured and meaningful reports (PDF files)