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Development, Production, Sales and Services for innovative products for Leakage tests and Rehabilitation - that is our area. Here we have developed a pioneering role not only in Germany but also in Europe. Your satisfaction is important to us and at the same time an incentive to continuously develop and improve our products.

All-round service

We always have a high level of prefabrication status of our leak testers, which guarantees short-term deliveries. Any necessary repairs to your technology will be carried out promptly so that you remain operational. You can also rely on the agreed delivery dates when expanding the vehicle, which many customers confirm again and again.


Our continuous further development over the past three decades has not only produced pioneering products, but also one or the other brand. Which include the TESTBOY®, the TESTBOY®inspect, the MASTERTEST®, the DOCUBOY® and the SKLARZ® brand!

On-site consultation

Our sales team has the answers to your questions. Fully equipped demonstration vehicles for on-site advice can be provided so that you can also experience our technology live! Just call and make an appointment.

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Our picture gallery

Gerlos / Österreich:

MASTERTEST® - high-pressure test on lines of snowmaking systems
in the ski area

our products


Sklarz remediation with resin mixing plant, calibration roller and DOCUBOY® - installation liner DN300, 70m long

our products

Ruhrgebiet / Germany:

MASTERTEST® - socket tests with water at the Emscher sewer

our products


MASTERTEST® - high pressure tests on supply lines

our products

Budapest / Hungary

MASTERTEST® - socket test with water - DN 2200
at the main collector

our products

South Tyrol / Italy:

MASTERTEST® - pressure tests on drainage pipes in the fruit growing area

our products

Gerlos / Austria:

MASTERTEST® - high-pressure testing of lines of snowmaking equipment in ski resorts

our products

Budapest / Hungary:

MASTERTEST® - socket test with water - DN 2200 at the main collector

our products